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Creating a reflection with a motion blur

Sometimes the best compliments are not completely intentional. Looking at this image, my daughter said: “mom, the reflection doesn’t look real, why’d you do it?! (The brutal honesty of a teenager). My reply was simply: “I did not. That’s how I took the photo.”

Motion blur adds a sprinkle of emotion to a scene; I find it fascinating because the results are not always predictable so there’s always an element of surprise. If, however, you’re looking for a predictable outcome and wish to create a perfect reflection with motion blur, it’s pretty simple to accomplish.

To do this you’ll need three pieces of equipment in addition to your camera:

1. Tripod (this is NOT an option!)

2. Neutral density filter, I recommend the 9 stop Hoya filter (this allows you to shoot at 30 seconds in midday sun)

3. Remote shutter release cable (semi-optional but not really) This shot was taken in Yosemite National Park, the waters of the Merced River, to my delight, were high for August. Taken at a 20 second exposure at F/22, ISO 200. The semi-optional cable release was missing from my bag so there’s a slight camera shake which I do not mind in this image but best safe than sorry. Happy shooting!

How to create a perfect reflection with motion blur

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